SAFIR Jewelery sometimes uploads and stores personal data outside of the EU due to its international nature. If you agree, you should share your information so that we can only use this data in accordance with your request and to provide a better service.


SAFIR respects the privacy of all customers visiting its website and uses all information collected about you to perform any service you may request. As our customer, you have the right to learn the information we have about you and to make arrangements if you wish; You also have the right to ask us not to use this information. We will do our best to respect your demands and wishes.

How will collect and store this information?

In what ways our site may collect information about you; either by requesting you (a registration form) or by recording information about your visits and purchases on our site. Information is stored in a secure environment with a combination of physical and technical measures. There is no public access to this information.

How long will SAFIR keep this information?

It will store your information in a safe and protected environment, respecting how we will serve you and your requests. In addition, legislation may require us to retain this information for a specified period of time. You can contact us to find out how you can change or edit your information stored about you. Why does SAFIR collect this information?
By providing you with a much better service, we collect your information in order to provide our valued customers in the safest and fastest way, and to offer our products and services.

Who do these principles apply to?
These principles apply to websites designed for use by individual consumers. 

SAFIR Commitment to Children's Privacy
Protecting the privacy of children is very important. Therefore, we never collect or store information from people we know are under the age of 13.


Internet & Site Security?

The internet is not a secure system and you should always be careful about the information you provide online. Personal information collected by SAFIR is stored in secure operating environments that are not open to the public. In some cases, personal information is encrypted and stored using the most secure technology without performing your transaction.

What if I choose not to register?

If you choose not to register or provide personal information, in most cases you can still use most of the website. However, you will not be able to access areas that require registration.

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