What is Money Points?

Money Points

50 ₺ cash point special for membership is a gift from Safir!

Para Point is a special campaign where only safirkuyum.com can benefit from its services.

Money Points are valid on all purchases and start accumulating in their history.

Every 1 Coin Point you earn is worth 1 TL.

There are money points defined specifically for each product.
You can view these points under the titles of the products. After purchasing the products, the points defined for the products you have purchased are automatically assigned to your account. (You can start using your money points defined in your first purchase for your next purchase.)


How Do I Use My Money Points?

1. You need to convert your money points into gift vouchers on the My Account-My Money Points page by logging in as a member.

2. I will give you a voucher code along with the conversion process. You can access this discount code from the My Account-My Gift Certificates area at any time.

3. You can benefit from a discount up to the TL content of your Money Points that you convert this code to the 'Gift Certificates' field in the basket step.


* In order to use the money earned in non-membership purchases, customer services must be informed for membership creation with the same e-mail address and for joining without membership.

Please contact us for points that do not define shipping.

Customer Service : 0545 263 90 59 - 0544 209 2049

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